Rock and roll has managed to grasp a lot of attention as well as preferred by millions of people living all over the world. The screeching solos from the guitar and funky grove lines and different patterns of the drums have been widely loved as well as craved by various people. Rock and roll managed to inspire a lot of people all over the world. The birth of electric guitars made it possible for the rock and roll to emerge itself in this civilization.

Due to the technological innovation, the world came across the first electrical guitar which apparently revolutionized the music industry, hence giving birth to rock and roll. The hollow bodied Gibson ES-150 which came out in the year 1936 and the solid bodied electrical guitar launched by Fender during the year 1952. Electrical guitars not only was the new technology but also a very important instrument to play rock music.

The idea of the electric guitar is simple, simply transforming the vibrations in the strings into electrical impulses and amplify the noise with the help of an amplifier. Because the signal generated is too low for the speaker, the noise has to travel through the amp in order to turn the noise louder. With the introduction of technology, the signal can now be altered bringing variations to bring out different effects such as reverb and distortion.

The body shape of the guitar, the neck, bridge and pickups are the major factors to consider before designing a guitar. With a spring hinged bridge, the guitarist can bend notes or chords to bring out the vibrato in the music. The sound can be modified by applying different techniques on the strings. Well, Ricky @ Guitar Critic Dude says that one can hammer, pluck as well as slap the strings to bring out the variation in the music. The rock music utilizes two different types of guitars, one is the electric and/or acoustic, while the other one is the bass guitar. The popularity of the music depends greatly upon how beautifully the guitar sound has managed to provide a beautiful song.